The heir of apartments that belonged to a secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of USSR

Why the daughter of the last president of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR have an immunity against accusation of extremism and high treason? Why Yelena Lukyanova is still not included in the Registry of foreign agents?

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This dynasty of lawyers is symbolic: the farther were writing the Constitution of the USSR at some time, and his daughter, after about half a century, now have been scribbling a Constitution of anti-Russia. They have both PhDs in law and they both are communists – the father as member of Nomenklatura of the period of Brezhnev’s stagnation and Gorbachev’s perestroika, and him follows a laureate of the Lenin’s youth organization Komsomol. Member of the Moscow City Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation and professor who has become sort of ‘professor’ and ‘leader’ of a terrorist organization from the period of the beginning of the World War III. Look attentively at these poster-like faces. Do you really not recognize them?  

Poster-like lawyer dynasty of the Lukyanovs

Here is Anatoly Lukyanov (1930 – 2019) and Yelena Lukyanova (1958). They are both perspective graduates of the Law School of the Moscow State University, both professors of the same Law School. But the father was sent by the Party to the sphere of diplomacy, and he became his PhD only when he was 49 years old; contrary to that, his daughter defended her candidate dissertation when she was 26 years old and her doctor thesis when she was 45, in 2003.

During the whole time the daughter and the father were tied by extremely strong blood, emotional and mindset ties. ‘It may seem strange, but it was my father that put more in my education than my mother’, said once Yelena Lukyanova. For instance, it was Yelena who, still being a girl, thought out herself a poetical pen-name (Osenev) for her father who had fiddled around with rhymery from his green days. Here is one of his poems written at the end of 1991:

‘The voice of Ukraine/I entwined with the Byelorussian language/In fairy tales and heroic tales/The dialect of Russian villages/ And I know and I scent -/ This is up to the end/ Un to the end, forever/ In songs there is labor and sorrow/ In human’s heart/ Non-detachable Rus’


In 1957, the young specialist in comparable law was appointed to the post of legal counsel of the Soviet Embassy in Budapest. At that period of time, Soviet tanks were rolling in the Hungarian capital, and Yuri Andropov, future head of the Soviet KGB, was ambassador there. The new government of Janos Kadar who had come to power after suppressing the armed insurgence, was badly needed to get Hungarian laws in line with ‘socialist legitimacy’. ‘I am Andropov’s protégé’, would say later Anatoly Lukyanov about himself.

The Lukyanovs: Anatoly Ivanovich, Lyudmila Dmitrievna and Yelena (1970)

So, the next third part of the century the life of Anatoly Lukyanov was closely connected with Yuri Andropov, until his death in 1984, and it means that also with the KGB. And in 1968 this specialist in matters of socialist legitimacy is being sent to Czechoslovakia, where half a million strong group of force of the Warsaw Pact was sent to in order to suppress people’s insurrection that had been heated up like a broth. After that, Lukyanov headed the Secretariat of the Presidium of the USSR’s Supreme Soviet, and also took part in preparation of the project of the Constitution of the USSR in 1977.

During Mikhail Gorbachev’s perestroika he was secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (KPSS) on legal and administrative matters, i.e. he supervised law enforcement agencies of the country as well as penal institutions, and then was responsible for agriculture. Just before the collapse of the Soviet Union, he made it to be for a short period of time a candidate to members of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party’s Central Committee.

Anatoly Lukyanov was not a member of the State Committee on the State of Emergency (GKChP), and he managed not to be sent to KGB’s Prison in the Lefortovo district in Moscow because, during pauses of endless broadcasting on TV of the ballet ‘Swan Lake’, announcers, together with the address of the GKChP read also Anatoly’s Lukyanov’s statement in which the speaker of the Parliament criticized the new project of a Union’s Treaty proposed by Mikhail Gorbachev.

According to Anatoly Lukyanov, he, at one time, as a member of the Higher Attestation Commission (VAK) wrote a review of Anatoly Sobchak’s doctoral (PhD) dissertation. ‘I have counted – there were so many references to Vladimir Lenin’s works, and to works of other superiors, that we in the VAK Commission decided to return the dissertation to its author in order to be rewritten by him’.

It’s worth noting that this Party apparatchik with a gloomy reputation of being ‘Andropov’s man’ was on friendly terms during almost thirty years with the dissident Lev Gumilev, scholar and Eurasian, author of the non-Marxist so-called ‘passionarity theory of ethno-genesis’. According to this theory, all people living within the ‘negative isotherm of January (it’s Lev Gumilev’s term, in the west, this conventional line of January’s temperature is positive, and in the east – negative; the isotherm outlines the territory within the margins of the former Soviet Union) will, in any case, live in harmony and close to each other.

In one of his interview, Anatoly Lukyanov admitted that he ‘considers himself to be a Eurasian and he follows expressions of the most famous Eurasian in the world, Alexander Dugin, yet he was, evidently, quite resentful of him. ‘Just imagine, Dugin thinks I am a head of a Macon’s loge. You don’t give credit to that, I hope’.

At the end of 1993 he was elected a deputy of the State Duma of the first calling from the Smolensk Region, and then was reelected in 1995 and in 1999. His office was located in the most prestigious place – on the ninth floor in the building on Okhotny Ryad street, near the office of Gennady Zyuganov, general secretary of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation (KPRF). He was also member of the Presidium of KPRF’s Central Committee. Apart from that, he headed the Central advisory board within the Central Committee of the Communist Party which was made of 23 people – mainly of former members of the Political Bureau and secretaries of KPSS’s Central Committee. 

From 2004 he was professor of the Chair of Constitutional and Municipal Law of the Moscow State University’s Legal School, member of the Petrovski Academy of Science and Arts and International Academy of Informatization. After an unsuccessful medical operation carried out in 2014, he is losing his ability to work: he dies in five years. In 2019 he was buried at the Troyekurovskoye cemetery, which is second or even third rate place according to the bureaucratic rank among Moscow graveyards. 

Yelena Lukyanova, the daughter of the late Anatoly Lukyanov, in her numerous interviews with various mass media demanded loudly that her father to be buried at the Novodevichi cemetery: ‘After the death of Lukyanov, one of the leaders of the USSR, there are now left only Nikolay Ryzhkov and Mikhail Gorbachev’, said she pointing out the importance of her father for the country. But, for some reason, she voiced special demands at the address of the leadership of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation: ‘And I would like to wish to the faction of the KPRF to have more contacts with the family’.

At the burial of Anatoly Lukyanov: his daughter Yelena (to the right), his widow Lyudmila Dmitrievna and his son-in-law Sergey Timofeyev (Moscow, 2019)


Yelena followed the steps of her father in the main thing: as her profession she chose jurisprudence and she subscribed to communist views, yet not without deviations towards some or other harmless revisionism, as had done her Nomenklatura daddy – a staunch communist with Eurasian insertions. 

In 1980 she graduated from the Law School of the Moscow State University, receiving a red diploma, at that. In 1984 she defended her candidate dissertation with the theme ‘The law as a source of Soviet state legislation’. In four years, in 1988, for this work she received the Lenin Komsomol Prize. Her career promised to be an exuberant one, like that of another Komsomol organization man Mikhail Khodorkovsky, but the direction of her activities didn’t suppose an entrepreneurial swing.

In fact, to provide money ‘according to needs’, as under communism, tried her first husband – Konstantin Tokmakov (born 1955). They married, when Yelena was on third year at the University, and in 1977 their son Vladimir Tokmakov came into the world. Konstantin is also a lawyer by training, and his name one can find in the data base ‘Criminal’ of the Ministry of Home Affairs in which there is information on business connections of persons who are under operative surveillance of the law enforcement agencies. It’s worth mentioning that a number of structures itemized in this document were controlled in 1990s by the notorious oligarch Boris Berezovsky – ‘ActoVaz’, ‘Andava’ etc. 

Background information from the data base ‘Criminal’

Konstantin Tokmakov worked in ‘The Special Law Consulting No 42’, and in 2002 he acquired a scientific degree and became candidate of legal sciences. In 2010 his traces vanished from all Registries of the Russian Federation.

Yelena Lukyanova with her son Vladimir Tokmakov (Moscow, 1983)

As to Yelena herself, she was still under a careful wing of her Nomenklatura daddy: she worked in the staff of the State Duma of the first calling (1993), of the second calling (1995) and the third calling (1999) reaching the level of 1st class counsellor of the Russian Federation.

In 1992, following her father, she became member of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation (KPRF), she participated at that time in meetings with other communists on the Manage Square ‘in honor of anniversary of the referendum to conserve the USSR’. At that time, the party press even wrote reports under a scandalous title like ‘Policemen abducted the lawyer-communist E. Lukyanova’.

In the autumn of 1993 she, together with her father, were among defenders of the Moscow ‘White House’. Her party career was going sharply upward – she soon became member of the Moscow City Committee of the Communist Party and candidate for membership of the Central committee of the KPRF.

Anatoly and Yelena Lukyanova

However, as a result, Elena’s political career wasn’t that successful. In 2005, she ran unsuccessfully for a place from the KPRF to the Moscow City Duma. In a year, she lost election to the State Duma from the ticket of coalition of motley opposition comprising of the Communist Party, ‘Rodina’, SPS and United Civil Front of Garry Kasparov. Yet, during the election campaign, the party ‘Rodina’ refused to support her, and the KPRF thought ‘inexpedient’ her participation in the elections.


The crushing fiasco that Yelena Lukyanova experienced in political sphere connected with ‘betrayal’ from the part of her colleagues from the Communist Party, forced the member of party’s Moscow Committee to leave the parliamentary and to enter the unsystematic opposition. And in June 2006, she already addressed the conference of unsystematic opposition “The Other Russia’. Moreover, she addressed the audience already as a holder of doctorate degree (PhD) in law, as specialist in Constitutional law. In the same year, she became a lawyer of the former oil company Yukos owner Mikhail Khodorkovsky*, the current steward of the whole relocant opposition.

Mikhail Khodorkovsky and Yelena Lukyanova

Perhaps, their drawing together, among other things, was being helped by the community of their political views. It is common knowledge that Mikhail Khodorkovsky, up to his arrest, had financed the faction of the Communist Party in the State Duma. But there is one touching remembrance of oil tycoon’s mother: ‘Misha (Mikhail) had behind his working desk a hanging bas-relief of Vladimir Lenin and a red standard – all on his own initiative’, says with a certain reproach transforming into a smile says Marina Filippovna’. ‘What he read?’, asked again Khodorkovsky’s mother and answers: he reads ‘One day of Ivan Denisovich”, and is shocked, he – attention – hates Stalin ‘as someone who besmeared the cause of the Party in the interest of his own personal cult’. He sees Brezhnev, Chernenko with humor and disregard – members of gerontocracy damage the Party. He holds in respect Yuri Andropov, in spite of ‘local excesses’.

Perhaps, Khodorkovsky, Yelena Lukyanova and her father was united by revering of Yuri Andropov, head of the KGB, as well as of Bolsheviks of Lenin’s formation who sometimes are set against Stalinists who supposedly had perverted the real Marxist-Leninist teaching. Soon, Yelena from the country of failed communism moved to civilized Europe, closer to the roots of the Communist Manifesto.

In 2010, Yelena Lukyanova bought an apartment in Jurmala, and un to the beginning of the Special Military Operation had split her time between two homes – in Latvia and Moscow. In the Baltic region she contracted a lawful marriage with Sergey Timofeyev, Moscow advertiser and film producer (Nowadays, Yelena Lukyanova’s husband is actively advertising different actions directed at gathering money for the need of the Ukrainian armed forces, in particular, in one of social media he was sharing information about carrying out an auction in Vilnius with the purpose ‘to collect monetary means in support of Russian volunteers fighting on the Ukrainian side’).

Yelena Lukyanova, Sergey Timofeyev and screenshot of his announcement with regards to gathering money for Russian collaborationists


In 2020, Lukyanova was dismissed from the Higher School of Economics where had been professor of the department of constitutional and administrative law. According to one version, the constitutionalist lawyer was ‘lustrated’ because of her public critique of amendments to the Constitution of Russia. In the same year, she created a virtual ‘Free University’ and became its rector (in March 2023, the Office of the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation acknowledged the ‘Free University’ as undesirable organization).

After the beginning of the Special Military Operation, she has been almost constantly living in Latvia. ‘I like this country, people, its energy, Latvian language. We are all here ‘labi’’, so she extolled this Baltic state in an interview with a Baltic media outlet and then started to denigrate her native country: ‘And in Russia, I don’t like now a lot of things. Corruption, rudeness, red tape. But the main thing – it’s very shameful when your country is waging war. I was bred both by the time after the war and by my parents as a perfect pacifist…’

Alas, Yelena Lukyanova impudently lied about her allegedly innate pacifism. As early as in November 2022, she became a member of the leadership of the extremist organization “Congress of people’s deputies’ (SND) which had been created by the terrorist Ilya Ponomaryov*, also a communist on grounds of his convictions, a grandson of the late secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union Boris Ponomaryov (1905 – 1995). Ponomoryov Jr. is now the main ideologue and organizer of the terrorist underground on the territory of the Russian Federation. Direct agent of the CIA and Ukrainian special service SBU, as well as direct follower of the despicable traitor general Vlasov.

Terrorist Ilya Ponomaryov* and ‘advocate of constitutionalism’ Yelena Lukyanova

During the elections to the ‘executive body’ of the ‘Congress of people’s deputies’ Yelena Lukyanova received 33 voices and took fourth place after the foreign agents Ilya Ponomaryov*, Gennady Gudkov*, and Andrey Illarionov*. By the way, on the sixth position landed a fighter of the terrorist battalion ‘Legion Free Russia’ with a call sign ‘Caesar’ (Tsezar). In two weeks, there was an online session of the ‘Executive Council’ during which Yelena Lukyanova was appointed ‘extraordinary and plenipotentiary representative’ for working in the European Parliament in Lithuania. 

Screenshots from Ponomaryov’s Telegram channel about the election of Lukyanova to the ‘executive board’ of the congress of former deputies-traitors

Having rolled up her sleeves, Yelena Lukyanova has started her sabotage work: in two plus months the ‘Congress’ assigned to her – already as the leader of the ‘Expert council’ of the ‘Congress of people’s deputies’ – to carry out selection of a candidature of a main lawyer of the Congress working as member of the Secretariat’. Then in ten days ‘the second plenary session’ takes place in Warsaw during which the question, in particular, was about the creation of a network of the so-called ‘Centers of self-organization of Russian citizens’ and a certain ‘Revolutionary act’ (concept of transition period). In two days Yelena Lukyanova herself addressed the meeting with a report entitled ‘Constitution of the transition period’.

This, in two years after the beginning of the special Military operation, on 23 of February, girdled the history of the family of the last president of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, author of the Constitution of the USSR of 1997: on this day, his daughter reported to Western special services and their stooges that ‘the constitution’ of anti-Russia 2024 had been developed and ready for being used!

Screenshots from Ponomaryov’s Telegram Channel about Lukyanova preparing the ‘Constitution’ of anti-Russia


In general, Yelena Lukyanova, ‘advocate of constitutionalism’, can be rudely, in the manner of ‘workers and peasants’ to be called ‘a multi-tasking machine operator’ or ‘busybody’. Apart from the ‘Congress of collaborationists’, she has been participating almost in all notable insurgent fora, conferences and other public actions which constantly are moving from one Western capital to another. For instance, she entered also in the leadership of the so-called ‘Anti-war committee’** created by Mikhail Khodorkovsky.

Screenshots of the ‘anti-war committee’

Together with Mikhail Khodorkovsky and other foreign agents, she, for instance, is signing a statement about ‘the illegal reelection of President Putin for another term’. Then she carries out in Riga an action ‘Midday against Putin’, and on her page in one of the social media, ‘on the eve of the Victory Day, she leaves the following ‘advice to vegetable growers’: ‘If you tie up bushes of potato with the ribbon of Saint George, potato bugs will think that the place is already occupied’. This ‘joke’ Yelena Lukyanova, evidently, borrowed from those neo-Nazis who had been burning people in the Trade Union building in Odessa.

The friend of the family Poman Popkov*, a neo-Nazi, foreign agent and terrorist, once placed in the web an announcement that in Amsterdam ‘a discussion will be carried out under the aegis of the Anti-War committee ‘about radical resistance under conditions of war and dictatorship’. He itemized a number of questions for discussion that speak for themselves: ‘Is it possible to count sabotage actions under dictatorship as political action, and people who have committed them and brought to responsibility as political prisoners? Is it necessary to rehabilitate them after the fall of the regime and what international law says about that?’

There is nothing left but to tell that Roman Popkov is the former Gauleiter of the Moscow affiliate of the prohibited National-Bolshevik party**, he cooperates with the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU), has organized terrorist attacks against Darya Dugina and Vladlen Tatarsky.

In private: Roman Popkov* (second to the left), Sergey Timofeyev (in the center), Yelena Lukyanova (second to the right). See also the investigation of the agency ‘Neonazi Popkov*. Red-Brown associate of Khodorkovsky* and Ponomaryov’

On the web you can find also another photo documents showing that Yelena Lukyanova has been maintaining business and friendly relations with the most ardent Russophobes from Russia, in particular, with Leonid Gozman*, Gennady Gudkov*, Mark Feigin*.

Yelena Lukyanova and Leonid Gozman, Anatoly Chubais’  PR specialist.

See also the article “Lies as a foreign agent’

Yelena Lukyanova with Gennady Gudkov and his wife who owe considerable real estate assets in Moscow and Moscow Region. See also the investigation entitled ‘Russian Magic Tablecloth of the Foreign Agent Gennady Gudkov’

Yelena Lukyanova with the foreign agent Mark Feigin. See the investigation ‘Famous scum. Feigin. Live on sale’

And this is a real riddle: Why Yelena Lukyanova in this rather motley crowd of foreign agents continues to be the sole persona grata for the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation? Why Yelena Lukyanova is not inserted in any of state Registries of foreign agents, extremists, terrorists etc. Perhaps, she is still considered to be a cabinet scientist, far cry from politics? But also in scientific sphere, Yelena Lukyanova manages to follow the most extremist concepts which American lawyers have been working up at the behest of the CIA.

Let us look inside the latest volume of ‘Palladium’ (2024,2), a journal of the prohibited “Free University’, which is edited by Yelena Lukyanova and is financed by the foreign agent Boris Zimin*. This issue is called ‘Pathogenesis of Sovereignty’.

The latest issue of the journal ‘Palladium’ (2024,2)

Pathogenesis is a medical term signifying a mechanism of genesis and development of a disease, or abnormity. In other words, the title of the journal’s issue can be formulated as “Abnormity of sovereignty, its genesis and development’. The papa-communist with his Eurasian trend, is, probably, turning over in his grave and is belatedly declaring: ‘In the human heart/ Rus’ is non-detachable’.

The article by Yelena Lukyanova herself in this issue is called ‘Sovereignty, international law and war. An effort to debunk myths’. The essence of this article is that ‘the classical concept of sovereignty’ allegedly is hopelessly outdated, is conserved only in dictatorships, and in normal ‘democratic states an unlimited inner sovereignty is impossible’. And as to the sovereignty in Russia, according to the euro-communist Yelena Lukyanova, is seen the same as several centuries ago, in time of absolute monarchies’. And she makes a simple conclusion: in order for ‘the world in XXI century to become governable and predictable”, the state has to abandon sovereignty. Yet, the author ‘of the ‘constitution’ of anti-Russia keeps silent in favor of whom Russia should abandon its sovereignty. But for those familiar with guidelines of the CIA this is clear by default: the state sovereignty should be handed over to the United States, to this ‘City upon a Hill’.

But the most regrettable thing is that all these CIA’s ‘concepts’ Yelena Lukyanova has been disseminating also in her homeland. It may seem strange but created in 2012 by her the noncommercial organization ‘Agency of Monitoring and Law Enforcement’ (AMP) has a legal address that is consistent with her home address: Moscow, Leo Tolstoy str., h.X, apartment 1X9.

Registration card of the ‘Agency of Monitoring and Law Enforcement’

The branching of connections of this non-commercial organization is impressive: according to electronic business-registry ‘Kontur. Fokus’ the Agency AMP has business connections with 32 organizations, whose total receipts last year was more than half a million rubles!


Visualization of business connections of the autonomous non-commercial organization AMP


Surprisingly high degree of protection of Yelena Lukyanova against including her in the state Registry of foreign agents has no reasonable explanation, and because of that various conspiratorial answers are suggesting themselves. The simplest of them goes like this: perhaps, this ‘foreign agent’ from Jurmala has been still guarded by connections of her Nomenklatura-daddy. For Yelena Lukyanova is vitally important not to be included in restrictive lists in Russia, as she owes the family immovables in Moscow the total value of which is more than half a billion rubles.

In the USSR, Anatoly Lukyanov, member of the USSR party’s Nomenklatura, for his family of three members had received… two apartments with total floor space of 156 square meters. In the third floor of the nomenclature house at the address: Kholzunov Lane, h.6, building 1. It’s like this that a real estate agency describes this house:

‘As early as in the Soviet period, this house was built under special order for employees of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union and office of the USSR’s Council of Ministers. Taking in consideration strategic and political value of these employees, these houses are distinguished by spacious planning, high level of noise protection and insulation, plafonds are 3 meters high, covering are made of reinforced concrete, window aperture are extended with excellent view characteristics. They are located in close vicinity to the State Pushkin Museum of Arts, Cathedral of Christ the Savior, parks of Mandelstam and Gorky, as well as theaters, business-centers, specialized schools, fitness clubs, hospitals, showrooms, restaurants, all that is necessary for happy living of a modern man. A respectable center!’

House No 4, on Kholzunov Lane and the certificate of apartment’s owner

In the archive of real estate owners of Moscow investigators of the website found out that in 1992 these two connected apartments had been privatized on the name of Ludmila Dmitrievna, mother of Yelena Lukyanova. Then the extract from the state real estate registry (EGRN) points out that in 2014, according to a gift agreement, the property rights regarding these two connected apartments with the floor space of 84.6 and 71.1 square meters are being transferred to a certain ‘physical person’. Taking into account that particularly at that period of time when the contract was concluded, the health conditions of Anatoly Lukyanov was radically worsened, one can assume: during the family meeting it was decided to register all this immovable located in the Center of Moscow (more than 150 square meters) to the name of the daughter.

Extracts from the state real estate registry EGRN

Then, the investigative agency has found out that in 1995 Yelena Lukyanova obtained ownership of yet another luxurious apartment – in the same type of nomenclature house, quite nearby – on Leo Tolstoy Street, in house No 7, 86 square meters. In fact, the archive of the owners of housing property doesn’t contain the name of a second owner. We suppose that Anatoly Lukyanov could have been the owner, but his name, because he was an official of highest order, was excluded from all state registries. In this apartment were registered the first husband of Yelena Lukyanova and their mutual son.

House No7 Leo Tolstoy Street, certificate of ownership of the apartment and extract from the state registry EGRN

It seems that this last president of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR – in poor and turbulent 1990s – bought for his daughter a family nest, and, obviously, he didn’t pay for it with his last money. According to the extract from the state registry EGRN, in 2015 this apartment, in accordance with a gift agreement, was moved to full ownership of Yelena Lukyanova,

In 1997, Yelena Lukyanova, this humble State Duma clerk and lecturer, bought for her 20 years old son a one room flat on Mosfilmovskaya Street. To be more precise, this small apartment (in comparison with elite apartment in the houses of the Soviet Nomenklatura) was equally divided between Yelena Lukyanova and Vladimir Tokmakov.

Certificate of ownership regarding the apartment on Mosfilmovskaya Street and screenshot of the dialogue in the Web

There is almost no information about where lives now Elena Lukyanova’s son and what he is doing. But she herself recently told briefly about it on the Web. She received a question with a wisecrack: ‘You mother lives in Moscow? If you constantly live in Jurmala, then who is looking after your mother in her venerable age?’ (We would like to remind our readers that Ludmila Dmitrievna has celebrated her 93 birthday). Yelena answered: ‘My son. And she, by the way, is working’.

What conclusion can we make from all of this? First, multimillion real estate assets in Moscow belonging to the overthrower of constitutional order in Russia, are not vacant. Second, this ‘anti-constitutionalist’ is afraid of coming to her homeland even to see her own mother. Because she knows very well the content of the heavy Articles of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation that she has broken. And it’s not important that this do not know employees of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation for whom Yelena Lukyanova is still a persona grata, i.e. a desirable person.
Author: Alexey Chelnokov

See the Russian version at: «Наследница квартир Секретаря ЦК КПСС. Патогенез предательства Елены Лукьяновой»

* — foreign agents, extremists
** — organization, whose activities are acknowledged as undesirable and is prohibited on the territory of the Russian Federation;
* Khodorkovsky Mikhail Borisovich, born 26.06.1963, Identification Number of a Taxpayer (INN) 770200035117, Individual Insurance Account Number (SNILS) 168-196-008 95 – on 20.05.2022 was acknowledged by the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation as physical person fulfilling function of a foreign agent. Included in the Registry of foreign agents with No 389. In 2015, Russia included Khodorkovsky in an international wanted list in connection with the case of his involvement in the murder of the mayor of the town Nefteyugansk Vladimir Petukhov and attempted murder of the entrepreneur Yevgeny Rybin;
* Ponomaryov Ilya Vladimirovich, born 06.08.1975, Identification Number of a Taxpayer (INN) 773671548130, Individual Insurance Account Number (SNILS) 116-230-963 27, – on 21.10.2022 was acknowledged by the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation as physical person fulfilling functions of a foreign agent with No 463. On 25.01.2023 the Federal Financial Monitoring Service Rosfinmonitoring included Ilya Ponomaryov in the list of terrorists and extremists; he is put on the wanted list;
* Popkov Roman Andreyevich, born 29.08.1978 – on 23.05.2023, was included with No 9604 by Rosfinmonitoring in the List of Physical persons with regard to whom there is information about their involvement in extremist activity or terrorism. In June 2023, the Ministry of Interior of the Russian Federation put Popkov on the federal wanted list;
* Feigin Mark Zakharovich, born 03.06.1971, Identification Number of a Taxpayer (INN) 770470964649, Individual Insurance Account Number (SNILS) 009-303-420-08 – was included on 08.04.2022 by the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation in the Registry of foreign agents with No 356;
* Gudkov Dmitry Gennadievich, born 19.01.1980, Identification number of a taxpayer (INN) 773709696309, Individual Insurance account number (SNILS) 021-544-51712. On 10.02.2022 included in the list of foreign agents with No 543. On 27 02 2024 Gudkov was included in the Registry of extremists of Rosfinmonotoring. On 24 04 2024 he was arrested in absentia in accordance with the decision of the Syktyvkar City Court, he is accused of creating a terrorist community, of its management, of financing terrorist activities as well as of justification of terrorism;
* Zimin Boris Dmitrievich, born 24.11.1968, Identification Number of a taxpayer 774305900208 (INN), Individual Insurance Account (SNILS) 004-484-117-19, by the Ruling of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation of 02.09.2022 included in the Registry of physical persons fulfilling functions of a foreign agent with No 421. On 11.01.2023 the Tverskoy District Court of Moscow ordered to arrest in absentia the entrepreneur Boris Zimin on charges of especially large-scale fraud (Article 4, Paragraph 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation). Zimin has been put on a wanted list;
*Gozman Leonid Yakovevich, born 28.04.1950, Identification Number of a taxpayer (INN) 773600247739, Individual Insurance Account (SNILS) 026-884-246 81. On 06 05 2022 was included in the Registry of foreign agents with No 379;
** “The Congress of People’s Deputies’ – on 28.04.2023 the Office of the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation acknowledged as undesirable activities of the organization (NGO) ‘Congress of People’s Deputies/ Kongres Deputowanych Ludovich, address: 102 Bruzdowa 9 Warsaw Poland 02-991. An extremist organization;
** Legion ‘Free Russia’ (other used name “Legion Free Russia’ LSR) – by the decision of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation of 16.03.2023, No AKPI23-101C (came into force on 25.04.2023) this organization is acknowledged as terrorist. In April 2023 it was included in the United Federal List of Terrorist Organization with No 48


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The heir of apartments that belonged to a secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of USSR