Neo-Nazi Roman Popkov*. Red-Brown fellow-in-arms of Khodorkovsky* and Ponomaryov*

The website reports about chevrons and emblematic days of the Neo-Nazi Roman Popkov: from 1997 – a Black Shirt (from the town Bryansk) of the movement Russian National Unity (RNE); from 2003 – Moscow’s ‘Gauleiter’ of the National-Bolshevik Party**, prepared an assassination attempt on the president of the Russian Federation; from 2017 – work for Mikhail Khodorkovsky; 2023 – participation in the killing of the Russian blogger Vladlen Tatarsky

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See the Russian version at: «Неонацист Попков*. Красно-коричневый соратник Ходорковского* и Пономарёва*»

In our days, the political centrifuge divides people into right and left, liberals and conservatives, fascists and communists, white and red, oppositionists and etatists (statists). But the war, still, most effectively ‘separates’ people. The Ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus said that ‘the war is father of everything, father of all: some it declares gods, others it declares people, makes slaves of others, others makes free’.

For Russia of the XXI century the Special Military Operation (SBO) in Ukraine has become such a separator, notably for those who don’t shoot themselves. And what have we seen? For instance, the former Russian oligarch, ethnical Jew, seemingly of liberal outlook, has become, before our own eyes, a sturdy Russophobe, acquitting the Nazis. And a communist, a grandson of the former Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (KPSS) has been equipping terrorist squadrons and sending them into his native Russia where remains the grave of his relative high-ranking relative and member of the Communist Party. One of them from London, the other from Kiev – together they create now ‘projects’ to dismember Russia.

A crazy centrifugal force of war has thrown outside thousands persons of similar type, having stripped out of them everything ostentations, decorative. And now it’s to look at them and see them in their real appearance, to sort and to collect them, attaching them with pins, like beetles and spiders which, for whatever reasons, were regarded as butterflies before the war.

Well, let’s start the collection with Roman Popkov*, a downright activist of Anti-Russia, longstanding associate of the oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky*, and with ex-deputy of the Russian Parliament (Duma) Ilya Ponomaryov* (relative of a Soviet Communist Party bonze who, from 1957 to 1988, held the office of head of Soviet Communist Party’s International Department).

The Neo-Nazi Popkov, included in the list of extremists and terrorists, acknowledged that he had taken part in the terror attack against the Russian blogger Vladlen Tatarsky (1982 – 2023). And it seems that Popkov was the initiator of the murder of Darya Dugina and attempted murder of the author Zakhar Prilepin. The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) was, certainly, the technical executioner of these terror attacks, but the firing pointer who had provided to the Ukrainian special service names, addresses, safe houses and passcodes, was the former Moscow ‘Gauleiter’ (regional leader) Roman Popkov.

Terrorist and National-Bolshevik Roman Popkov with his wife, also a National-Bolshevik, Elena Borovskaya, Kiev, 2022.


Twenty years ago, in the summer of 2003-2004, Roman Popkov was already drawing a plan to murder the Russian president Vladimir Putin, and was ready to bring it into action. He himself told about it in his notes that recently emerged on the Web.

‘Then, in the first half of 2000s, we, together with Lena and several other reliable commanders, were creating party’s intelligence, party’s militant organization, were using for training APD or Actions of Direct Effect (journalists were calling it ‘velvet terrorism’), testing methods and patterns’, admits Popkov. ‘We wanted to eliminate the tyrant. Physically. We knew we had to deal with it – and at that time it was absolutely and exactly a realistic, feasible task. Too much things were focused on the tyrant personally – and we could not not to have such plans. There was no irrational fanaticism inside us, there was only cold and pragmatic understanding’.

Screenshot of Popkov’s posting about his plans to kill the president of the Russian Federation

We would like to explain: ‘Lena’ – this is Popkov’s wife and associate in terrorist activities; APD – Actions of Direct Effect, or terrorist acts. At the beginning of 2000s, Popkov managed the Moscow division of the National-Bolshevik Party** (NBP is prohibited in the Russian Federation), and his wife Elena Borovskaya (nickname Dead Head) headed the National-Bolshevik intelligence unit and whom, as her husband flattered himself, was possible to put next to the well-known Russian terrorist Boris Savinkov, member of the Socialist Revolutionary Party.

‘In July 2004, Lena managed to organize a breakthrough of party members directly to the balcony of the Russian Duma (Russian Parliament), writes Popkov and continues: ‘In 2005, we, by way of trial, found out how it was possible to bring into the Kremlin iron bypassing metal detection arch what stood at the check-point near Kremlin’s Kutafya tower’.

Roman Popkov (to the right) and Dmitry Bakhur. Headquarters of the National-Bolshevik Party, 2003 (On the map behind their backs regions are marked red where were active divisions of the National-Bolshevik Party, and with dashed line are marked cells that were only being organized)

Why, then, National-Bolshevik Party’s hoodlums didn’t carry out an assassination attempt on the first person of the Russian Federation, the more so, as, according to themselves, they had such a possibility?

It turns out that this plan was hampered personally by the leader of the party. ‘Initially, Eduard Limonov was rather loyal to our projects, but, ultimately, he said ‘we will go another way’, reminisces Popkov. ‘But it turned out to be not a Lenin’s way, sod it! – Eduard Lemonov’s vain analogies didn’t spring to action’.

After all, ‘the complex and diabolically effective party mechanism with regard to actions, according to Popkov, was gradually spoiled among ‘Marches of Dissenters’ and ‘Strategies-31’. So now we can only guess what were real reasons why terrorists from the National-Bolshevik Party didn’t carry to the Kremlin at that time tens of kilograms of explosive materials. Perhaps, professional work of special services saved from this tragedy. Or Eduard Limonov, at the last moment, became afraid of the aftermaths of ‘Lenin’s way’. Taking these versions off the table, we would like to point out that this organizer of the killing of Vladlen Tatarsky and Darya Dugina, even twenty years ago, was a finished terrorist, who only casually didn’t spill blood.


Popkov was born in 1978 in the village Grabarovka, Pogarsky district of the Bryansk region. He grew up in the town Bryansk, on Griboyedova Street, in a standard 5 story residential house made of gray silicate bricks, with a single mother and his grandmother. In 1999 he graduated from the history department of the Bryansk University. As a school student, he started to be interested in politics. “I went to polling stations with my ‘red-brown’ mother and grand-mother”, recalled Popkov. ‘They consistently voted for the Communist Party of the Russian Federation (KPRF), and, on the whole, I grudgingly supported them. Only in 1995, I, by way of unprecedented pressure, I compelled my mother to give her voice during elections to the Duma for the National-Republican Party of Nikolay Lysenko’.

During the election of mayor in Bryansk, in 1997, young Popkov voted for a candidate of the movement ‘Russian National Unity’ (RNE). It’s worth reminding that RNE is a Neo-Nazi organization created in 1990, with an emblem in the form of a stylized swastika and with several thousand black-shirt supporters. In 1993, the Neo-Nazis from the RNE came to the ‘defense’ of the ‘White House’ (residence of the Russian government) and were in the personal guard of the Russian vice-president Alexander Rustkoy. Shoulder to shoulder with them stood radical leftists from the party ‘Labor Russia’, and out of that emerged the stable term ‘red-browns’ who, until now, play the role of assault detachments during color revolutions.

In the same year 1997, Popkov enters the rows of the Bryansk affiliate of the Russian National Unity. According to him, he ’red the program of RNE when I was 10 years old, having found it in the village library, and it wasn’t clear how it ended up there. He was pushed to ender RNE as the Neo-Nazis seemed to be the ‘the most disciplined and fighting fit Russian political organization – it had such a background after October-93’.

Certificate of a team-mate of RNE (prohibited extremist organization)

Screenshot of Popkov’ posting about RNE

‘I remember well political instruction of Russian National Unity’, said Popkov, remembering that time. ‘Fighters, as in school, learned answers to the question ‘What is RNE”, ‘What our emblem means’, ‘Who is A.P. Barkashov’, ‘Why we wear black shirts’, as well as basic program provisions. It has to be said that answers to all questions had to be comprehensive. Speaking about the emblem, one should tell about the story of ‘kolobratite’, about ‘Holy Mother’s star’ to recall all kind of archeology, about peasant towels with embroidered swastikas. Speaking about a black shirt, one had to mention Peresvet, who had, went out on the battlefield in a black shirt, about oprichnik-heroes and other such nonsense. It was like this regarding all questions’.

Evidently, Popkov’s soul, already in those years, was bloodthirsty and craved for ‘action of right effect’, because ‘archeological nonsense’ didn’t satisfy him. In two years, in 1999, the young Neo-Nazi moved to the National-Bolshevik Party headed by the flamboyant author Eduard Limonov.

Youth emblems of the Neo-Nazi Popkov – styled swastikas of RNE and NBP

Since then, Popkov several times has changed chevron on his clothes: ‘In different periods of my youth’, he writes, ‘the leave of my jacket embellished emblems both RNE (1997 – 1998) and NPB (from 1999). According to his words, ‘in my personal rating, the emblem of Russian National Unity outpaced that of the National Bolshevik Party’.


In 2001, Popkov became leader of the Bryansk division of NBP, having substituted in this place a ‘comrade-in-arms’ who tried to be elected to the town’s council. ‘And in 2003, Eduard Limonov moved me to Moscow’, reminisces Popkov. ‘and after that I haven’t took part in elections in Bryansk’.

‘When we made acquaintance with Limonov’, writes Popkov. ‘he was really standing tall that I had been in RNE, like, ‘Barkashow’s followers come to us, now we are definitely number one party’.

Soon Eduard Limonov ‘rather casually, appointed Popkov ‘Gauleiter’ of the Moscow division of NBP (’Yes, in the National Bolshevik Party this position was called just like this, come to terms with it”, pointed out this Neo-Nazi with experience). Not less than half members of NPB’s active members ‘and a host of ‘Gauleiters’ and members of the Central Committee, were ‘ultra-wright in their own rights’. And I myself moved from NBP from RNE, he writes, ‘and half of foremen in my Moscow affiliate were ‘right’.

Head of NBP Limonov and ‘Moscow’s ‘Gauleiter’ Popkov

At the beginning and in the middle of 2000s, Moscow’s national Bolsheviks carried out a number of scandalous actions to capture ministries and other administrative buildings. The justice system, as a rule, reacted to this half-heartedly, and only after the capture of the receiving office of the administration of the Russian President, which took place at the end of 2004, the Prosecutor General accused activists of the National Bolshevik Party of attempting to capture power: ‘Leaders of the Moscow affiliate of NBP Popkov R.A. and Borovskaya E.V … developed a criminal plan in the Russian Federation”.

Ruling on bringing to responsibility as defendants accused of forceful taking over of power by ‘leaders’ of the Moscow’s division of NBP Popkov P.A. and Borovskaya E.V., December 2004

This was Article 278 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (violent seizure of power or forcible retention of power), up to 20 years of imprisonment. But at that time the case against NBP was ruined, and that is why ‘the Bolotnaya Revolution (Swamp Revolution) was met by members of the National Bolshevik Party fully armed.

So ‘a fox was set to keep the geese’ – Popkov was included in ‘the security service of the meeting on the Sakharov Prospect on 24.12.2011’.

‘I remember quite well that the ultra-right on the Bolotnaya (Swamp) Square and on the Sakharov Prospect ‘marked themselves’ not the least bit less than the left, said Popkov. ‘And later on, during endless marches on the Boulevard Ring in 2012-2013, the right column was the same permanent part of the political landscape as the left column. And among ‘inmates of May 6’, there were also both left and right boys. And during the funeral march in memory of Boris Nemtsov in March 2015, only boys from the ultra-right column ‘People’s Will’ were apprehended.

So, according to Popkov’s recollections, Neo-Nazis took an active part in almost all mass actions of non-system opposition, starting as early as the color revolution of the Bolotnaya (Swamp) Square. It’s in those years that happened mental and organizational rapprochement of young Russian Nazis with leaders of the liberal crowd.

‘March of discordant Nazis’, Moscow 2014

In 2013, even the most liberal publication ‘Novaya Gazeta’** gave Roma Popkov its badge ‘XX. Novaya Gazeta’, evidently, as to one of the graduates of the journalistic courses at the newspaper. The photo of this badge Popkov proudly placed on his page in social media and made a comment: ‘So, was given this at the meeting with graduates of ‘Novaya Gazeta’. After the badge of NBP — it’s second cool. No kidding’. We would like to remind that the chief editor of this newspaper Dmitry Muratov, who taught the Neo-Nazi reporters skills, received in 2021 in the West – a Nobel Peace Prize.

On a rather dirty little palm of the hand of the Nazi Popkov there is a badge of the newspaper ‘Novaya Gazeta’

Actually, it’s not surprising that Popkov, ultimately, started to work for Mikhail Khodorkovsky, and it’s not surprising that Khodorkovsky hired this Neo-Nazi.

In fact, it’s 20 years ago that Neo-Nazis from the National Bolshevik Party saw in Mikhail Khodorkovsky almost symbolic figure in future overthrow of constitutional order in Russia.

‘On October 2023, we with henchmen, being freed from imprisonment (for me it was a first term) came out of the carriage at the Moscow Belorussky Train Station’, said Popkov. ‘Then came a noisy party Bunker on the Frunzenskaya Quay. Among drunk jubilation I had a chance to hear the bass voice of Limonov’s body-guard, who just had heard on the radio in his car: ‘Wow, Khodorkovsky was arrested’.

The Fuehrer of the NBP cursed with regard to this matter. ‘Khodor was arrested, f… you! The state is completely f…king crazy, here it’s bad for the poor, but is also bad for the rich’. And then added seriously: ‘Everybody understands that we have to be done with this state, there isn’t anything to talk about.’, Then Eduard Limonov bent over a big calendar spread on the floor with a picture of the attack helicopter Ka-52 on it, and said: ‘I wish we had such a thing, and attack the Kremlin! Not bad, eh?!’


In 2009 Roman Popkov left Limonov who was getting older and losing taste for real terror, and created his own dwarf Neo-Nazi party – ‘Nation of Freedom’. At first glance, party slogans didn’t represent a direct threat to the existence of the country: ‘reform of Russia’s administrative division’, ‘liquidation of national republics’, and creation of federation of ‘areas’. Yet, with time, a reformatting will be ready for Russia to be morphed into some ‘system of self-government based on networking technologies’.

To some people unworldly in modern politics, it may seem that such a geopolitical approach looks more like a liberal than like a Nazi’s – and they would be wrong.

A series of street ‘actions’ Popkov’s party carried out together with the so-called ‘Popular-Democratic Alliance’ (NDA) headed by such political freaks like Ilya Lazarenko and Alexey Shiropayev. The Agency of Federal Investigation reported about them in its investigation ‘Russian Nazis under the Roof of the State Department. Russian Neo-Nazis are pushing an ‘orange project’ hand in hand with liberals’.

Shiropayav’s partner Lazarenko (born 1973) when he was a first year student of the Moscow Law Institute, became a co-founder of the party ‘National Front’, or, as it is said in its program, the ‘’party of Arian self-conscience’. Simultaneously, he creates the so-called ‘Navi Church’, or the ‘Church of Great White Race’, based on the occult practices of Heinrich Himmler. The first ritual of this ‘church’ took place on the day of Hitler’s birthday. At that moment, Lazarenko advanced himself to the rank of a ‘patriarch of ariagnosis and arch magister of the ‘Navi Мhurch. The ‘Navi Church’ espoused zoological racism and anti-Semitism.

Nazi freak Ilya Lazarenko under the photographic portrait of the general Andrey Vlasov

From the beginning of 2000s, Lazarenko was promoting in social media the dismemberment of the territory of the Russian Federation into several ethnically homogenous states. Under the ‘roof’ of the National Democratic Alliance created by him gathered representatives of non-existent Ingermanlandia (Ingria), Republic Siberia, Far East Rus’, Zalesskaya Rus’ and others. In contrast to the classical Nazis of Hitler’s type, who put before themselves the goal of establishing a united dictatorship, the Neo-Nazi of NDA pattern dream of transforming the united Russia into several ‘racially clean’ dwarf states and about elimination of racially inferior ‘members of the (Golden) Horde’.

As early as in 2012, Ilya Lazarenko placed in his blog a posting entitled ‘M. Khodorkovsky. Between empire and nationalist state’ in which he pointed out: ‘Khodorkovsky already several times has touched the theme of connecting liberalism and nationalism, and, in general, he ruminates in the right directions. But he doesn’t yet think it out to the end….’

On the top screenshot: In his blog LiveJournal the Neo-Nazi Lazarenko boosts the ‘ruminations’ of Khodorkovsky about ‘uniting liberalism and Nationalism’. Moscow, June 2012.
On the bottom screenshot: A seemingly liberal internet-newspaper ’’ reports about creation of a partner National-Democratic Alliance aiming at ‘establishing a new state instead of Russian Federation’.
Moscow, March 2010


It must be admitted that Khodorkovsky figured out rather quickly about the use of Neo-Nazis in struggle against Russian, even before the beginning of the Special Military Operation (SVO). For example, in 2017, a dedicated Neo-Nazi and former Moscow ‘Gauleiter’ of NBP Roman Popkov was hired and became an employee of the publication ‘MBKh-media’ named after Mikhail Khodorkovsky. The new occupation didn’t hamper this former fighter of the National Bolshevik Party to align propaganda and sabotage with ‘actions of direct effect’.

Popkov’s changing of chevrons: the Neo-Nazi Party ‘Nation of Freedom’ (2009-2012) and ‘liberal’ ‘MBKh-media’** (2017-2021)

So, on November 7, 2020, Popkov, together with his wife, travelled to Minsk in order to organize the second ‘Great October Revolution’. Belorussian authorities, handling without gloves, apprehended this provocateur and Neo-Nazi from ‘MBKh-media’ and locked him for 15 days (after that he was deported from Belorussia). Great furor was erupted immediately: the chief editor of “MBKh-media’ Veronika Kustyllo* demanded from all ‘Russian state organs’ to defend at once with all possible means a citizen of the Russian Federation (who in two years will be among those who vehemently will to wipe up Russia from the face of the earth).

‘Roman Popkov is a journalist, he doesn’t take part in actions, he covers them’, lamented the current foreign agent Veronika Kutsyllo (Russia’s Union of Journalist, for some reason, published this paperwork of Kurtsyllo on its official website).

‘Roman Popkov is a journalist of ‘MBKh-media. He became from the Belorussian ‘batka’ 15 days of imprisonment… Reason? – a) like there is no need to roam here…’, sneered rather foolishly in his telegram-channel the owner of ‘MBKH-media’ Mikhail Borisovich Khodorkovsky (for short MBKh).

The owner of the holding ‘MBKh-media’ Michail Khodorkovsky stood up for the Neo-Nazi Popkov

In 2022, Popkov fled to Ukraine, and up until now, he has been living in Kiev, meets regularly with his curators from the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) and still cooperate with Khodorkovsky. Also here, he has become the right hand of the former Russian deputy of Parliament (State Duma) Ilya Ponomaryov* — about the background of him the website wrote it its journalistic investigation “Fifth column starts its last Drang nach Osten’ (Part One)

Ponomaryov is the initiator of three terrorist organizations – leftist ‘Free Russia’ Legion (LSR)**, Neo-Nazi ‘Russian Volunteer Corps’** and ‘National Republican Army’ (NRA). ** Fighters gathered by Ponomaryov are united only by their hate towards historical Russia. The former deputy is also a fosterling of Mikhail Khodorkovsky, and he, on a day-to-day basis, like a clock-work, calls in his social media and mass media to armed overthrow of the constitutional power in Russia. For instance, in an interview with the combat leaflet of Russian collaborationists ‘Novaya Gazeta Europe’** Ponomaryov openly said: ‘In this war Bandera would have been my ally’.

Both Ilya Ponomaryov and Roman Popkov openly praise the terrorist activities of the ‘Russian Volunteer Corps’ and ‘Free Russia Legion’. For instance, in one of his postings with the symbolic of the ‘Russian Volunteer Corps’ the ‘Gauleiter’, not without fanfare, reports about a sabotage attack of Neo-Nazis from the territory of Ukraine: ‘My little native land — Bryansk region, occupied by GULAG, was visited by fighters of the ‘Russian Volunteer Corps’.

And in Ponomaryov’s telegram-channel these two terrorists discuss the question from the field of unscientific fiction: ‘If the ‘Free Russia’ Legion together with the ‘Russian Volunteer Corps’ will end up in Moscow, what do you think: will people then join them?’

And what role plays Mikhail Khodorkovsky himself in sending squadrons of Neo-Nazis and leftists to the ‘little native Bryansk motherland’ and other border territories of Russia? ‘He is, on the whole, according to basic values, a good chap (I knew him very little bit),,,’, said Popkov about his boss.

And recently, on the website of the American Kennan Institute, was published an interview with Ponomaryov in which he speaks about the role of the former Russian oligarch in the war with Russia. ‘Khodorkovsky is now doing a very important job – he, as ‘steward’ of opposition, consolidates disparate political groups of ‘peaceful’, ‘respectable’ public activists into a wide Popular front. For the change of power will be needed a union between this front and the enforcement wing, but this all will be during the last phase…’

In other words, the dedicated terrorist Ponomaryov recognized Khodorkovsky to be the highest demon of the unsystematic opposition, to whom the whole small potatoes demons are subjected, including those who deal with killings of peaceful people.

Mikhail Khodorkovsky, former KGB general and head of the Yukos’ security service Alexey Kondaurov and Ilya Ponomaryov (Kiev, April 2014)

The common position of these persons was expressed the Neo-Nazi Popkov in his telegram-channel (25.05.2023): ‘In February 2022, Russians as a nation died both for Ukrainians and for the considerable part of the of the Western community. The Belgorod operation is the first Russian event which gives this nation a chance. If not a chance to come back to Europe’s family, then, at least, to start moving in that direction’.


I remember how, in the summer of 2014, I was at the conference ‘Maidan or Horde?’ which took place in Sakharov’s Center. There were two liberals in the presidium (Andrey Piontkovsky* and Mark Feigin*), also one Islamist (late Geidar Djemal) and two Neo-Nazis (Ilya Lazarenko and Alexey Shiropayev). Shiropayev advocated ‘euro-centric Russian separatism’ – it’s when Russia will be dismembered in several ‘Russian states’. ‘Russianness’ he understood in its racial meaning, laying stress on purity of blood, and in Europe he saw a ‘white world’, embodying white dreams of SS-members.

Both Neo-Nazis and liberals praised boiling of brown masses on the Maidan square, they did it like members of intelligentsia, describing in a romantic manner their almost cosmic battle with beastlike ‘members of the Horde’, monsters who allegedly come from the East. At the end of his speech, Shiropayev (he is a poet, at that) recited his verses: ‘Singing ‘Horst Wessel’ / I Come on the path / I hanged a communist / On a high oak tree / Let winds in his ribs/ Coming from fields / Sing ungrudgingly / About my Europe’.

The key line in this verse was the last one – ‘About my Europe’ which was greeted with tumultuous applause. After that, members of the euro-centric Moscow Neo-Nazism went home. Yet, eight years later, with the beginning of the Special Military Operation (SVO) this ‘nationalistic-liberals’ ended up in the West and now, under the patronage of Western special services are engaged in direct terror. Similar attracts similar. Western political machine has separated and then incorporated Russian followers of Adolf Hitler.

Last chevrons of Roma Popkov, little devil of anti-Russia

One of these little devils, namely Popkov, published his yet another turgid Nazi manifesto. ‘Against what fight Russians, who stand under the flag of the Russian Volunteer Corps, Legion or those who continue partisan resistance in the Russian Federation, in the heart of darkness’, writes this Moscow-Bryansk ‘Gauleiter’ and continues pompously: ‘Black Horde yoke. Whip. Poisonous Asian blood floods in the veins of Gardariki. Genes of despotism are put in the foundation of Russian statehood. Since then, in Northern Russia has been fighting Gardariki and Horde. The whole history is there – history of endless conflict, endless war between Gardariki and Horde. This if the sole important Russian war of the last centuries. The war between Gardarika and Horde. It continues now, becoming a total one.

Attention! Wanted terrorist Popkov Roman Andreyevich

Russian demons are restlessly stamping in anticipation of yet another Drang nach Osten and final solution of the Russian question. And the steward of the opposition Mikhail Khodorkovsky gives guidance to Popkov and other Neo-Nazi scum.

Author: Alexey Chelnokov

See the Russian version at: «Неонацист Попков*. Красно-коричневый соратник Ходорковского* и Пономарёва

* Popkov Roman Andreyevich, born 29.08.1978, included with No 9604 by Rosfinmonitoring (Russian finance monitoring service) of the Russian Federation into the list of persons with regard wo whom there is information about their involvement in extremist activities or terrorism. In June 2023, the Ministry of Internal Affairs included Popkov in the Federal wanted list;
* Khodorkovsky Mikhail Borisovich, born 26.06.1963 – on 20.05.2022 was acknowledged by the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation as a physical person fulfilling functions of a foreign agent, Included in the Registry of foreign agents with No 389. In 2015, Russian included Khodorkovsky into international wanted list with regard to his involvement in the murder of the mayor of the town Nefteyugansk Vladimir Petukhov and attempted murder of the entrepreneur Yevgeny Rybin;
*Ponomaryov Ilya Vladimirovich, born 06.08.1975, Individual Tax Number 773671548130, Individual insurance Account Number (SNILS) 116-230-963-27 – was acknowledged on 21.10.2022 by the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation as physical person fulfilling functions of a foreign agent with No 463;
* Regiment, battalion ‘Azov’ – according to the Ruling of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation of 03.08.2022, this Neo-Nazi structure was acknowledged as extremist organization. The Ukrainian paramilitary nationalist union ‘Azov’ (Battalion ‘Azov’, Regiment ‘Azov’) is included in the list of terrorist extremist organizations with No 540;
* Kasparov Garry Kimovich, born 13.04.1963 – on 20.05.2022 was acknowledged by the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation as physical person fulfilling functions of a foreign agent, Included in the Registry with No 388;
** Free Russia Legion (LCR) – on 16.03.2023 by the Ruling of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation was acknowledged as terrorist organization, and its activities are prohibited on the territory of the Russian Federation. The Ruling of the Supreme Court came into effect on 25.04.2023;
** Russian Volunteer Corps (RDK) – a paramilitary Ukrainian organization consisting of Neo-Nazis and traitors. Several criminal cases in Russian are being investigated. Was acknowledged as criminal organization, and its activities are prohibited on the territory of the Russian Federation;
** ‘Novaya Gazeta Europe, Latvia – according to the Ruling of the Office of the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation of 26.06.2023 was included on 14.07.2023 by the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation in the Registry of foreign organizations whose activities are prohibited on the territory of the Russian Federation are acknowledged as undesirable on the territory of the Russian Federation;
*Feigin Mark Zakharovich , born 03.06.1071, Individual Tax Number 770470964649, Individual Insurance Account Number (SNILS) 009-303-420 08 – included on 08.04.2022 by the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation in the Registry of foreign agents with number 356;
** National Republican Army’ (NRA) – acknowledged as terrorist organization, its activities on the territory of the Russian Federation are prohibited;
**‘MBKh-media’ – is blocked in the Russian Federation on demand of the Office of the Prosecutor General. This online media outlet was closed in 2021;
* Kutsyllo Veronika, Piontkovsky Andrey – are foreign agents


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Neo-Nazi Roman Popkov*. Red-Brown fellow-in-arms of Khodorkovsky* and Ponomaryov*