European dummies of Leonid Nevzlin

The website has found two twin foundations connected with the serial ordering customer of murders Leonid Nevzlin. The emergence of Vasily Shakhnovsky has shown – all connections of henchmen don’t get rusty

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The website has found two twin foundations connected with the serial ordering customer of murders Leonid Nevzlin. The emergence of Vasily Shakhnovsky has shown – all connections of henchmen don’t get rusty

The website has paid attention to two inconspicuous foundations registered in Lithuania and in Belgium. It has been found that both these organizations are de facto connected with Israeli projects of Leonid Nevzlin* sentenced in Russia to life-long imprisonment for organizing a series of murders and attempted murders.


The first company under control of Nevzlin is located in Lithuania, in Vilnius. It is called ‘Cooperation for Democracy Foundation, VsI’ (registration code 305966775). The Foundation was registered in Lithuania, in the town Vilnius, on December 30, 2021. Two number of mobile phones are indicated. The first one is a Lithuanian: +370 630 21 944. The second is an Israeli: +9 725 050 74 587, it can be found in the section Contacts.

Julia Bugdonene is itemized as official director of the organization, but for contacts through the web is given the e-mail of the Israeli citizen Olga Dolburt, born 1973.

We would like to explain that Olga Dolburt is a business connection of Nevzlin in Israel. Together with the ordering customer of murders accused by the court, Olga has a firm ‘Liberal Communications Ltd’, registration number 515035327, created in 2014. The company is the publisher of the portal ‘Details’ and the journal ‘Liberal’.

Apart from that, Ms. Dolburt, from 2019, has been on the books in the list of managerial stuff of Nevzlin’s charitable ‘Nadav foundation’ (2005), being the executive director and curator of the whole activities of Navzlin’s foundations.

Apart from that, Olga Dolbusr is representing interests of ‘bloodstained Leonid’ in Mikhail Khodorkovsky’s*British ‘Justice for Journalists Foundation’. In a word, a full-fledged trusted individual at that with a prolonged experience of diplomatic work in connection with the Foreign Ministry of Israel in different countries, including Russia. As of today, she has been serving the interests of the ideological polizei-policeman Nevzlin who is ‘whitewashing’ reputation of Ukrainian radical fighters and Nazis by collected money for them.

On the picture in the journal ‘Liberal’: in the center the former co-owner of Yukos sentence in absentia to lifelong imprisonment in Russia Leonid Nevzlin, to the left of him, in blue shirt, Olga Dolburt

Paralleled to that, Nevzlin is dealing with promotion of the Nazi terrorist group ‘Russian Volunteer Corps’ and is running saliva of joy after reports about death on the fronts of Russian communists (See also the article ‘Curator Nevzlin has admitted to financing the Neo-Nazi regiment ‘Azov’)**.

In connection with such a radical political ‘tint’ of Nevzlin himself, civil organizations under his control automatically start to play with ‘brown colors’. Especially since the finance component of Nevzlin Lithuanian foundation is extremely nontransparent.


For several years of the existence of Nevzlin’s foundation in Vilnius, there was not even a simple website. It’s launching took place quite recently. Leonid Nevzlin, who usually is concealing his actions and who used to presenthimself as a ‘gray cardinal’, here, nevertheless, has presented himself as a ‘founder’ along with two girls – Julia Bugdonene and Ekaterina Shershikova who moved from Moscow to Vilnius early in 2023.

Together, they propose to make donations to them, having hanged out into the public realm banking details. However, here it is clearly stressed that the Foundation is only a ‘dummy’, as ‘grants’ are provided to organizations specified by the Foundation ‘Nadav” (Israel). Everything like with the best ‘dumps’ – there is a call to lodge money, but there are no reports about distribution of money in previous years. A complete financial fog and ‘privacy of deposits’, beginning from the time of the creation of this foundation in 2021. Only a brainwashed idiot will give even a euro to such a ‘black hole’. Or a false ‘donor’ by previous concert.

Yet, the foundation has exposed guided organizations which, first of all, will be of interest for analysts of the Belarus Republic. This is ‘Charter-97-, or, for instance, “European Belarus Foundation”. For Russian regulators though, in their turn, it will be interesting to know that the fugitive criminal Nevzlin maintains ‘Sota media project’ (We would like to remind our readers that the project Telegram ‘Sota’ was broken in two groups. Part of the stuff members were included in the registry of foreign agents, and others were not. Some participants of the project fled from Russia, as during certain number of years they had been dealt with information provision of radical protests in Russia, as well as with various street crowds).

It’s characteristic that the Telegram Channel ‘Sota’ itself doesn’t indicate Nevzlin anywhere and his structures as a ‘donors’. They are ashamed of it?


Another Nevzlin’s twin-foundation was found in Belgium. It has the same name – ‘Cooperation for Democracy Foundation’ (registration number/code 0755.598.623). This company was born earlier than the ‘dump’ in Vilnius – on October 2, 2020. Status – active. Short name – CFDF. The address of the head-quarters: 1050 Ixelles, wiertz 4 Box 7 (Belgium).

According to the date of the official portal of Belgian justice agencies, the office was founded by two private persons. To be more precise, by two ladies:

— ‘Lady by the name Shakhnovskaya Olga Anatolyevna, born in Moscow (in the former USSR) on September 3, 1966, stays at the address…’

— Lady by the name Dolburt Olga, born in the former USSR on December 1973, stays in Herzliya, Israel’…’

Both ladies, according to documents, ‘are appointed to positions of managers for indefinite terms. It is pointed out that their work will be carried out free of charge, ‘unless another decision will be taken’. Both ladies, so to say, are connections of Nevzlin. 

Information on how money is spent is hidden. Public accounting on the website of the regulator is not present, and it limits itself with the assertion: ‘No results’. A complete secrecy ‘in the name of democracy’.


Shakhvovskaya? Is she connected with … the website has posed this question and has found out that Olga Shakhnovakaya, the together with Olga Dolburt in the Belgian documents, is the wife of Vasily Savelyevich Shakhnovsky. 

This Valisy was a member of Khodorkovsky’s criminal group, was the head of the company “Yukos Moscow’, pulled on, in parallel with Nevzlin, ‘democratic corruption’ and socio-political projects of the oil company Yukos, like total buying up of candidates for the Federal Parliament during the elections of 2003 with the purpose being to change Russia’s constitutional order.

When the mob of Mikhail Borisovich Khodorkovsky got nailed for dodging taxes, Shakhvovsky tried to hide in a senator’s chair of Evenkiya bought by Yukos. Yet, he was a senator only for a short period of time. The review showed that legal standards had been flagrantly violated during his appointment. After that, on February 5, 2004, the former president of the OJSC ‘Yukos Moscow’ Vasily Shakhnovsky was pleaded guilty of tax evasion to the amount of 28.5 million rubles. So, Valisy Savelyevich Shakhnovsky was sentenced under Article 198, subparagraph 2 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.

The Meshchansky District Court of Moscow, having taken into consideration his awards and parental status, sentenced him to one year of imprisonment, but then released him from penalty – the defendant during the proceedings had cleared his tax debts. Then, after the court hearings, Vasily Shakhnovsky quietly sneaked out of the country and moved to the direction of Switzerland where he started to deal with tourism – he organized various extreme expeditions, conquered maintain peaks with an ice axe in hands and with songs to the accompaniment of guitar. The appraisal of Shakhnovsky financial situation, according to Swiss assessments – about 500 million dollars. In 2020 Shakhnovsky founded in Switzerland a whole organization under the name ‘Association Good Gear Around the World” (DV, Switzerland).

For a long period of time, Shakhnovsky was asserting that he had made a departure from civil activities, and ‘lived at his leisure’. So, his firm is also ‘geared’ towards tourist needs. However, according to the exposed ‘activism’ of Ms. Olga Shakhnovskaya, ‘in the name of democracy’, Vassily Savelyevich has decided once more to play a ‘revolutionary’. Or, perhaps, Leonis Nevzlin, an Israeli Stepan Bandera’s follower, has enticed Vasily Shakhnovsky. In any case, old connections of fugitive revanchists don’t get rusty, although they are covered with dust. Monsieur Shakhnovsky, it must be said, is a risky man in his maintain walking tours, but he is extremely cautious in business matters. And during registration of the Belgian dummy foundation, as a real gentleman, he let a woman take the lead – Olga Shakhnovskaya.


It’s interesting that after the creation in 2020 of the ‘Cooperation for Democracy Foundation’, in 2023, against the background of a total anti-Russian psychosis, Ms. Olga Shakhnovskaya with friends registered also in Belgium a family foundation of Shakhnovsky with the purpose ‘to provide help for seriously ill children from Russia’. In any case, such priorities are presented on the website of Shakhnovsky’s Foundation.

Still, Vasily Shakhnovsky himself is not mentioned among the founders of the foundation. But on the website of the project he is called ‘the founder of the Foundation’. Finance turnovers of the newly created ‘Shakhnovsky Foundation’ are not known yet, and only benevolent intentions have been announced with nothing bad in them. Yet, it is known that Khodorkovsky’s gang, of which Shakhnovsky was a member, used children to cover itself and took their names in vain, having hidden from the investigation in the boarding school servers of the oil empire with dirty scheme of channeling money out of Russia. (See also the article ‘On this day, swindlers from Yukos sang an orphan song’)

Such sudden striving towards mercy looks not that much persuasively. They are, perhaps, much more similar to efforts to back up money from potential expropriation within the framework of ‘democratic sanctions’ against Russians. Or they will be used as a shield from possible claims from Russia, or the same Republic of Belarus, from which Nevzlin had an old ‘analytical trauma’. (During the elections there in 2005, ‘the expert Nevzlin’ ensured everybody that ‘the regime of Lukashenko has only few days left’…).

It’s not accidental that in Minsk they hinted not once at ‘the ears of Khodorkovsky’s people’ who were hovering around during the efforts to heat up mass disturbances in the Republic in 2020-2021. And in all likelihood, these were Leonid Nevzlin’s ‘ears’. Because of his life-long sentence for contract killings he doesn’t need to be afraid of criminal codes of any country, except, perhaps, Israel. And the fact that the criminal Nevzlin has made a complete fascist of himself is easy, in the eyes of the Israeli establishment, to make up for by generous donations for religious and educational programs of use for Israel. And this is the case when money from the hands of the murderer and messenger of the ‘brown plague’ doesn’t stink for Israel.
Author: Buba Filin

Russian version at: «Европейские «прокладки» Леонида Невзлина»

* Mikhail Khodorkovsky – 20.05.2022 was acknowledge by the Justice Ministry of the Russian Federation as physical person fulfilling functions of a foreign agent. Included in the list with No 389.
* Leonid Nevzlin – according to the verdict of the Moscow City Court from August 1, 2008, he managed criminal acts of his henchmen, being an ordering customer and organizer of a series of murders and attempted murders. The European Court of Human Rights based on the results of Nevzlin’s complaint said in 2022 that it ‘hasn’t noticed any hidden purpose of the criminal persecution” and it hasn’t established any ‘bias from the part of the Court’. Thus, the life long sentence remained in force.
** Regiment, battalion ‘Azov’ – according to the Decision of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation from 03.08.2022, this structure is acknowledged as extremist terrorist organization. The Ukrainian paramilitary nationalist formation ‘Azov’ (Battalion Azov, Regiment Azov) was included in the List of terrorist, extremist organizations with No 540.


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European dummies of Leonid Nevzlin